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Events Guide:

All Events must be of interest to Catholics in the spirit of our Mission Statement.


Approximately 90% of the Members of are in English or American English speaking countries. However, We have multiple language posting on some of our channels.  


Always post in English first, with the other languages below English.

What Type Events Can Be Submitted:

​as they become available

United States, Canada & England:

International & National Events

National interest in one of these countries, or an event of International interest to any Catholic in that countryanywhere in the world.

Only International & National "open to the public", paid entrance / enrollment, or ticketed can have a link to your URL.


Closed International & National  Events At Our Discretion. (See Media Relations Section.)

Elevation or Election Event of a National or International Leader, please see our FAQ definition of Presiding Bishops of Catholic Families, Denominationas churches, Communions, and Unions for details. TCC reserves the right to add Evelations and Elections that are publicly released to the Press at any time at our discretion. These listings will not have a link. (See Media Relations Section.)

Examples of International & National Events that can be submitted include:

"Summer Sessions" At Universities,

Councils, Synods


Openings of National Cathedrals or Basillicas per Guide.

United States:

Regional, State, or Local Events

Councils/Synods (open to the public or ticketed only can have a link to your URL),


Closed Events allowed for Regional, State/Province, and Local USA  provided that you specifically state in your header that it is NOT an "Open To The Public" event.  

Examples of Regional, State, Local Events that can be submitted include:

Confrences, Councils, Synods

Potlucks, Stone Soups, Holiday Dinners

Book Clubs, Bible Study Classes, Workshops per Guide.

Local, State Regional USA

Do Not Submit:

Vacation Bible School , CCD, etc as Youth Events and Teen Events will be seperate features.


Schedules of Services, as that will be coming 2017 as a seperate "Find A Mass" calender Feature.


All Event Submissions are subject to review and approval by, and TCC reserves the right to request verification of authority to submit and any details by whatever communication method we choose, including bytelephone, regular postal service, fax, or any electronic communication tools or device. 

Preview of posting is expected to be available, one posted it is the organization's responsibility to contact Events Support for any errors. hosted or sponsored Events will be graphically and textually distingued from Organizational Member & Publicly Annouced Events.

All rights reserved (c)2016,


4thQuarter 2016 / Early 2017

Using the integrated power of Google Calender, the Todays Catholics Events Calenders will be a easy to use way to locate events hosted or produced by and its Organizational Members around the world, your country, or your town! From finding a cool Sumer Educational Session to finding a mass near you, Events & Find A Mass will be the first place to look!

The Events Calender will also show events specific to, such as Local Member “Todays Catholics Are Gathering” Events, and US State and National events that are open to the public, open to Members, free or ticketed.

Look Below to see where we are at!

TodaysCatholics.Com Development Calender

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