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September 25, 2016 Update!

Remember, any purchase you make after clicking on one of our ads or one of the products in a department helps to provide with revenue to fund our operation and expansion.  Also, anyone who contributes via our Stake Holder Donate Button will be recognized in our Annual Report and here at our upcoming Contributing Members Page. Just like a certain member owned tv media, there will be lovely gifts as a thank you as well, so stay tuned! hopes you will check out the deals our sponsors offer, as we receive a % of each purchase to help  grow and operate this community. We take a lot of time to really check out the quality of the merchandise or service before we accept a sponsor ad, and we also try to ensure that we select sponsors who are agreeable to the largest number of Catholic visitors.  If you know (or own) a business that you think would be a good fit for us, we are currently with, but also accepting direct sponsors.  Email Brenda for information.

Our Gift Shop's first department, Clergy & Church Items had some browsing visitors look over the very useful products from sponsor Family Christian Stores..and we already got some suggestions of items to add to this department.  


The Bookstore work continues, with a hope to have books available in the late  Fall. The sneak peek button is gone because we are in the final stages with that department.


Our Basic Membership Form needs a few tweaks, but will be online soon, our contest continues to get new entries, 


We are committed to keeping our online community open to all for lots of content and interaction, and to be able to offer special "Members Only" content, without having to have a barrage of ads on each page. However, we are also committed to being Independent of all the various Catholic Families of denominations, so there is no "church" paying our bills!

Stay Tuned! Thank You For Your Support!


This PDF file explains in more detail how and why has

chosen to use this approach, for those who are interested in why we have

avoided the usual methods of making ends meet. One reason is

an interesting ministry we discovered....

Thanks To Our Sponsors & Donors, including sponsor Dover Publications, we did not have to plaster ads on all our pages, groups, circles, and channels again in September!  Thank You for supporting our Sponsors and for your Contributions to!

The Gift Shop

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