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Since 2009, there are a hardy, brave, and wonderful group of souls who have helped a tiny Facebook group grow into what we are now and are becoming. They are the members of that first, still active, group and they are Members. will continue to be a community of members, visitors, sponsors and other stakeholders, and God Willing, staff before I have to retire for real. This is not just an experiment in inter-deoninational Catholic communications that sprouted  - it is also the part time job of a disabled lay Franciscan, aided by some mighty fine vocational rehabilitation folks.


There is two things it will

never be:

1) It will never be a Church.

2) It will never be owned by a Church.


There are plenty of online communities for Orthodox, TV Networks for Vaticanites, and magazines and books for Independents. This will not be one where one denomination or denominational family sets all the rules, and decides what can and can not be Catholic. Eventually, it will be the members themselves that decide how things run.

Membership is will offer unique benefits, access to member only content, and more.


Our first efforts are being directed at setting up the process by where the Members of our community who who have been walking with me as this grew integrated into our Membership Services system.  Then we will be opening the doors of this Big Tent wide open for Catholic Individuals, Catholic Communities, and to the denominations that make up the various families within The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.


First Member Benefits: Members who are publishers and authors will be able to be vendors of our Book Store in a special "By Our Members" section.


Members who are producers of Catholic items will be able to have discounted pricing on product placement in a special "By Our Members" section of our Gift Shop.


Next Up: Member Denominations will be able to promote their Events here. Local Communities will be able to be located here.


It is an exciting (and exhausting) time. If you landed here first, or if this is just a stop as you look around, keep looking and trying out some of the groups, boards, circles, and other things we have going on now.


Come back often, because there is a lot more coming.


If you are a angel investor, a social media professional, or just an over 16 aspiring IT professional, and you want in on this, let's talk.


To the Members of Not All Catholics Are Roman on Facebook, thank you. You will see details there soon.


Everyone else, enjoy your visit, come back soon!


Brenda Eckels Burrows, aMGC


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