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Our Mission

Our Mission at is:


To create and maintain

In various ways

Both online and

In the real world

Settings, groups, opportuities, Experiences, and places

That will foster Communication, interaction, And connections

Both online

And in the real world

Between all the members

and all the institutions and

organizations of

The One Holy Catholic and

Apostolic Church

That is headed by

Our Savior Jesus Christ.


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What We Do, What We Believe: The Fine Print, will, with the members, stakeholders, and workers engage in this work in the hope that over time we will have many opportunities to truly bring manifest in our suffering world the entire Catholic Garden and it's inhabitants. therefore seeks to show the world and each other that we have much more that unites us than those things we currenlty see through a mirror darkly as stumbling blocks. holds to the ancient belief that Unity In Diversity is not just a historical dream, but a currently incarnate call from God.


Todays recognizes that the birth, life, ministry, death, and ressuraction of Jesus Christ was the catalyst for many different groups of Jesus Followers.


As such holds to the belief that being One Catholic Church does not mean we must all agree on one kind of governance, one particular top position for a human to lead a Church that already has Christ at its head, or that All Catholics must have the same liturgy, or doctrine, or dogmas beyond those things that were truly taught by Our Savior and then carried forth in diverse ways by the guiednce of God and the wind of the Holy Spirit. is committed to the concept that the only way forward for The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is, like the US Marines, to never leave any of our own behind. This is expressed in the belief and practice that no matter what kind of Catholic someone is, they can find welcome, support, companions on The Way with us.


As part of this commitmentment, will not have barriers based on:

  • level of lay or clerical membership within the denomination they call home,

  • whatever race, or nationality they claim as theirs

  • whatever economic level a member or member organization has

  • whatever gender identity they have,

  • no matter where they fall on the spectrum of sexual or relationship orientation,

  • no matter what that human's martial or religious status

  • no matter what liturgy, language, music, or devotions they find most comforting to their soul,

  • and no matter where they find their spiritual home. affirms that until the long awaited day that all the Catholic bishops in the world, along with at least two unrelated lay persons willing to stand in support of such a bishop, we will have things that we do not agree on, so there will be differences between the various Catholic families. and the humans who are part of it will therefore respect the rights of individual families, denominations, groups within denominations to have different traditions, dogmas, and doctrines. and the humans who are part of it agree to render unto Ceaser what is Cearar's, but not to interfere with any soverign nation presenting themselves as representing in any way the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. is a non church community of Catholics, and as such recognizes that the owner, members, stakeholders, vendor representatives are all human, and as humans can and will make mistakes. and the humans who are part of it will constantly keep in mind that for every speck of dust they may see in another's eye, Jesus has warned us that all too often we have a plank on ours and that we are called to try to resolve our disagreements with words, not anathemas, with kindness, not violence, and with trust that none of us are in charge, and to let God help us.

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