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Where We Are

Where Catholics Are In The World

& Where We Are At

Where The Catholics Are In Our Community
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Map of The Catholic Garden, with information on what a denominational family is, why church with a llittle "c" is different than Church with a big "C", and more coming soon.
Statistics From Google Analytics and Member Profiles coming soon.
Where The Catholics Are
In The Real World

With an estimated One Million Independent Catholics in the United States, the growing number of Home Roman Catholics and Evangelical Catholic denominations, plus the Vaticanite, Orthodox, Anglican families, ... is almost impossible to know how many Catholics there are, never mind the number of local communities, diocese (or groups of local communities, usually led by a bishop and lay leaders), religious organizations, or even denominations there truly are.


What TCC will be doing as we grow, and as our funding increases (See Gift Shop) is to try to provide at least some statistical, pictorial, and textual context of who is where, and what they are like.


We'll begin with profiles of Catholic local communities from across the Catholic Garden, and - like the roses we Catholic Churches are - grow from there!


Stay Tuned!

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